About My Work

My personal portfolio of projects on the web and elsewhere.

I'm a programmer with extensive database, C, and C++ work experience.  I'm currently looking for my next employment opportunity and have started working toward frontend/backend web development and Android programming.

I'm currently working on the 'Full Stack Development Certification' from freeCodeCamp.com and ‘Developing Android Apps’ by Udacity/Google

This site is one of first projects in the Basic Front End Development part of freeCodeCamp's training.   The idea is to use it to display later projects from their certification course.   I plan to also use it to show some past and current websites I've worked on, and possibly some future work on other projects like Android programming and Blender 3D graphics.

My Portfolio

Some of what I have worked on, old and new.

Active Websites

Trinity Church Marshall
Trinity Episcopal Church

This was built with w3.css and some other example code from www.w3schools.com

freeCodeCamp Work

Tribute Page
Tribute Page

First FCC project, 'Build a Tribute Page'.

Old Websites

Mostly static or Joomla websites, long gone except in the 'Internet Wayback Machine'.

Clear Lake Camp...

Clear Lake Camp website

United in Service

United in Service

Ramania Icons

Ramania Icons page from United in Service website

Sing for Gorillas

Sing for Gorillas

Contact Me

Drop me a note and let me know how I can help.

Call:   1-269-727-9332